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Making it in the Biz…

What does it take to make it? I don’t know, really, if I did, I guess, I’d be there already! but I am on my way. What I do know (aside from the fact that I don’t know anything for sure) is ironically, that it can be an asset! Yes, recognizing I don’t know something is an asset because it means I embark on a mission to find out. Don’t know how to market myself, buy a book. Don’t know how to Produce, go to a workshop. Don’t know how to get a publisher, talk with a friend who does. In the word’s of a phenomenal woman, Diana Nyad, who at age 64 swam 110 miles straight, from Cuba to Florida – “Find a way”.

Fortunately, all the information is out there, I just have to curate it through my own filter, of who I am today, not yesterday or tomorrow, but who I am now? Just in this moment in time – “What don’t I know?” When broken into a smaller continuum of a day, who I am and what I need to know is way more manageable. Trying to define my whole life is a lot harder, and at this point in the game, I’m De’Lighted to say, I’ve given up! And it’s a good thing. Not so much defeatist as more so liberating. I’m letting go of perfectionism and I am doing what I can now to “make it”, my way.

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